AGTZ Twin Tail takes coachbuilding into a new era at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Its global dynamic debut will be staged on the world’s most iconic hillclimb in front of over 200,000 car enthusiasts, with coverage streamed live globally.

The Goodwood Supercar Paddock has hosted scores of thrilling reveals and we’re proud to make AGTZ Twin Tail its latest debutant. Festival attendees can see the car up close before it proves its mettle in front of the beautiful Goodwood House. It will run in both short and longtail configurations to deftly demonstrate its trailblazing design.


Chassis #00 will be proudly displayed in the paddock and driven on the hill from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 July 2024. Visitors on Thursday 11 July can see the car in parade with its inspiration, A220 chassis #1731, for an unforgettable run.


Beautiful coachbuilt bodywork. Uniquely removable longtail. Thrilling lightweight focus. We can’t wait to show you the jaw-dropping collaboration of La Squadra and Zagato in action.


AGTZ Twin Tail.


One car. Two souls.



From design sketches to static debut in 12 months. AGTZ Twin Tail is dynamic in every sense of the word, taking the style and swagger of a 1960s racing icon and transforming it into a modern-day celebration of coachbuilding.

Dedicated use of carbonfibre sees its weight cling closely to that of an A110, while improved aerodynamics target a top speed beyond 250km/h (155mph). Just 19 examples will be made, with their paint, trim and wheels all customisable. Prices start at €650,000 euros before taxes.




A modern icon in a boldly tailored suit

This is no novelty pastiche – AGTZ Twin Tail is a thoroughly modern GT car unafraid to continue the legend of its forebears in theatrical style. Combining the nous of La Squadra with the delicate hands of Zagato, it unites our collective knowledge and multinational cultures by clothing A110, a modern-day mid-engine icon, in a dramatic new suit.

Only the close-knit combination of our collective talents could create such a dynamic design, a piece of art that can be sensationally transformed by its removable rear bodywork. The tailored elegance of a longtail or the muscular punch of a shorttail – with our trailblazing AGTZ Twin Tail, the choice is unequivocally yours. Limited to just 19 truly special cars, our collaboration enjoys its world premiere at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in May 2024.



A bold and trailblazing storyteller

The A220 central to our inspiration shifted the goalposts without fear. An attitude we’re delighted to replicate over 50 years later. The wonderful world of coachbuilding enters a bold new era, traversing a new automotive landscape where design diversity and truly provocative styling will be the key barometers.

Celebrating its racecar ancestor’s legacy is a unique proposition, a modern GT car that melds two designs into one. The gorgeous profile and stunning aerodynamic intent of the original A220 longtail lives on. Sitting beneath it, full of latent potential, is an ode to the muscular A220 shorttail.

AGTZ Twin Tail – one unforgettable car telling two arresting stories.

The transformation is no longer destructive; it’s repeatable on the owner’s whim with the uniquely removable longtail ready to enliven their garage as a piece of exquisite automotive sculpture when they opt to travel in shorttail mode.


But one car stands proud.

An icon born of dreamers

Motor racing’s most beautiful designs aren’t always the biggest winners. They are born of dreamers; engineers and designers taking a flight of fancy to push boundaries and free their most ambitious ideas. While stopping short of being a beautiful failure, the A220’s sporting record doesn’t quite match its movie star looks. But one car stands proud.

Chassis #1731 is that car. When the A220 missed its lofty target of 24H Le Mans victory, its designers committed a wilful act of destruction to carve out something beautiful, slicing its bodywork to create a 30cm-shorter tail. This lither design refocused the car’s attention on shorter circuits and rally stages. Podium finishes quickly followed and while they could not prolong the car’s life, they underlined its place in the history books. A place we’re thrilled to revisit.


But one car stands proud.


The A220 has played a pivotal role in the AGTZ story

It’s entirely fitting we make a respectful nod to the car which kickstarted our creative journey. Among the striking aesthetic options for its trailblazing Twin Tail body is an emotive homage to the race livery of the 24H Le Mans racecar at the epicentreof our inspiration.

The blue, white and red of the French ‘tricolore’ takes centre stage with period-correct iconography providing a thrilling visual flourish. But every AGTZ is a blank canvas and our 19 discerning buyers will each craft a truly special car with us, composing a unique piece they will cherish for decades.


The trailblazing nature of AGTZ Twin Tail is mirrored by this impactful new livery. Contrasting shapes, lines and colours playfully salute our iconic racecar inspiration while underscoring the bold outlook of La Squadra and Zagato’s collaboration.

Limited to just 19 units, AGTZ Twin Tail can switch between long and shorttail modes repeatedly on its driver’s impulse. The unmistakable and transformable bodywork majors on carbonfibre and presents a stirring canvas to suitably creative minds.


About La Squadra x Zagato

Our truly special partnership sees Zagato focus on car design and production while La Squadra handles sales and marketing for our unmistakable collaborations. By thinking exclusively in very limited production numbers, we bring the classic coachbuilding spirit right into the modern era, responding to clients’ needs with unrivalled focus and a smart, technological backbone. We will cater to the desires of discerning collectors who seek exclusive and provocative cars which push design boundaries; cars which incorporate futuristic aesthetics and novel design elements to combine form and function in jaw-dropping fashion.

Andrea Zagato

jakub pietrzak


About Zagato

Founded in Milan, Italy in 1919, the story of Zagato is already over a century old. Its unique mix of engineering pragmatism and artisanal craftsmanship has seen Carrozzeria Zagato achieve results which go beyond the usual understanding of car design. Crucially, it has never designed or produced mainstream models but instead focused exclusively on bespoke creations manufactured only in strictly limited numbers. Zagato occupies a unique position in the automotive world as a specialist in limited-edition and collectible automobiles, applying its own signature to exotic performance cars manufactured by other companies.

About La Squadra

Jakub Pietrzak created La Squadra in Katowice, Poland in 2013 to bring together folk with an unbridled passion for cars. It distributes esteemed brands such as Ferrari, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Bugatti and Alpine, fulfilling its customers’ automotive dreams by connecting them with dynamic works of art that’ll form a crucial part of their family years to come. As well as taking care of their valuable service history, La Squadra encourages its clients to fulfil the potential of their cars at unique events that galvanise an enthusiastic community.
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